Meet the members of our team



After school I joined the Royal Netherlands Air Force as a conscripted soldier. During my enlistment I was infected with the virus called flying and during my 10 years at the air force I flew the Fokker S-11, Fouga Magister. T-Bird, NF-5 and the Starfighter. When I left the air force I started flying as a commercial pilot for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. 

In 2007 I retired, but I’m still in the possession of a current pilot license. Right now I’m a spokesperson for the Historische Vliegtuigen Volkel (HVV).   


Military POC

I’m a B.1.1 F-16 specialist at 900 Squadron, Volkel Air Base. As an active duty service member I’m assigned as the military point of contact (POC) for the HVV.


I work at the Royal Netherlands Air Force 312 squadron as a crewchief/mechanic and I’m a longtime aviation enthusiast.

I am one of the mechanics at the HVV team as well as one of the photographers.




After a 35 year long career as an avionics technician and instructor with the Royal Netherlands Air Force I became an attendant for the Historical Room Typhoon in 2001.

In 2004, together with Bas Leusink, I started the Starfighter Rescue Team, which later would be named Historische Vliegtuigen Volkel (HVV).

Nowadays I’m a B2 (avionics) technician, specialist painting and stencilling, and manager for technical publications for the HVV.


In 1972 I started my career as an aircraft technician in the RNLAF. I became crew chief of the maintenance crew in the in 1980 started team with testbed J-646. After 3 years doing this I had the opportunity to learn flying, which I did, to become instructor in the F-16  procedure and combat simulator until my retirement in 2004.

In 2005 I joined the Historische Vliegtuigen Volkel (HVV) because it is a great project and the history should be kept alive. And in my opinion not only visual but also audible.

After retirement I also educated young A1 and B2 students in the Engine and Propellor Modules for both civil and military aircraft.


I joined the HVV during my internship at Volkel Air Base as a B.1.1 mechanic student, back in 2008. At the HVV I’m an allround aircraft mechanic and photographer.

Besides my work as a volunteer at the HVV I work at a pharmaceutical company in Oss as an engineer.


I’m a retired Royal Netherlands Air Force airman and have worked at the 311 Squadron at Volkel Air Base. During my time as an active duty member (in which I was also known as “The Gambler”) I’ve worked on the F-104G and the F-16. First in maintenance, later as a crew chief and flight chief, and finally I became a hangar chief until my retirement in 2000.

In 2016 I visited the HVV and it instantly brought back that feeling everyone who’s been in the air force and around fighter jets knows too well. So I didn’t hesitate and joined the HVV.


I joined the HVV back in 2015 during my internship as a graphic designer (with the 900 Squadron ‘Painters Shop’ at Volkel Airbase).

At the HVV I make different designs for promotional materials. I’m also a general volunteer and I have the privilege to get taught by professionals about the aircraft.


During my time as a development engineer at the Royal Netherlands Air Force Depot during the ‘80s, the features and beauty of the LN-3 Inertial Navigation System of the Starfighter were inspiring me to bring this system back to life. Now, being part of the HVV, we have the pleasure of owning a live LN-3 system, on display.

With a background in electronics my daytime job is now confined to airborne Electronic Warfare systems for the Defense Material Organisation, and during HVV moments dedicated to F-104G avionics.


I got to know the Starfighter when I started my hobby as an aviation enthusiast in 1968 and expanded my acquaintance during my time in military service at the 306 photo reconnaissance squadron.

I’ve been working in a photography store for 35 years. So I can truly say that photography has become a part of me. Some time ago, I “retired” and now have plenty of time for our grandchildren, gardening, photography, and aviation.

I expect to make myself useful at the Historische Vliegtuigen Volkel by photographing all the spare parts in storage. Beside that task, I offer support and assistance to the other activities and – of course – the Orpheus working group.


Joep is not only our senior employee but also our walking encyclopedia;
Ask him anything about the 104 and he gives the correct answer.
Moreover, he points out in the aircraft where what is supposed to be and how it works.
Joep mainly works in the field of electrical engineering.

Unfortunately, Joep passed away on 27 August 2019. We will miss him, his great knowledge and wonderful stories.


When I grew up my dad was an F-104G crew-/flight-chief at 312 Squadron. The F-104 virus stuck and never left. Besides my day job I am also part of the Aviation PhotoCrew, an international team of photographers that organize air-to-air photography projects during airshows throughout Europe.

After visiting the Historical Vliegtuigen Volkel regularly over the last 15 years and supporting them passively as well as a donator, I joined the DSF/HVV at the end of 2019, tasked with communication.


I joined the Royal Netherlands Air Force in 1966 and retired in 2002. During my time in the Air Force, I have been working 13 years as an Avionics Specialist for the F-104G Starfighter at Volkel Air base. Beside that  I have been working as  a Business Expert and was stationed at several locations within the Air Force.

After  retiring I was a volunteer in the Royal Netherlands Walking Association. In July 2017 I met a former colleague during the Nijmegen Vierdaagse who told me that a team of former colleagues are performing the restauration of an F-104G Starfighter. That triggered me and I went to Volkel Air Base to see what is going on there. No doubt, I’ve joined the HVV-team right away.


I joined the Royal Netherlands Air Force in 1978 and have been working as a Specialist VO / Specialist Aircraft Maintenance F-104 until 1984. In 1984 I was retrained to Specialist VO  / Specialist Aircraft Maintenance F-16. From 1985 to 1998 I’ve been working at the X-Service. After this, I was employed at 311 Squadron as a Crew Chief, Flight Chief and Line Chief until 2012.
When the 311 Squadron ceased to exist on September 29, 2012, I left the Air Force.


In my daily life I am a car mechanic. My dad (Willem) was in the Royal Netherlands Air Force, so I grew up around F-16s. After retiring, he volunteered at the Historische Vliegtuigen Volkel (HVV). I heard his stories about the F-104 the HVV is restoring and the challenges they face, which highly interested me. So when my dad asked me to join the HVV, I jumped at the opportunity. Volunteering at the HVV enables me to learn in detail about the technical differences between modern cars and older aircraft. This will improve my skills as a mechanic, but it will also contribute to getting a Starfighter back into the air!


I am a mechanic, metal worker and welder.
During my military service I was employed as a driver at 311 Squadron. I drove the pilots to their plane and controlled the tractor that towed F-16s and ground equipment.
I provide support to the HVV with maintenance and repair of ground equipment and making new constructions.


Since 1980 I am an aviation enthusiast and an F-104 fan. Unlike my colleagues, I have no military background.
I support the Historische Vliegtuigen Volkel with the ground equipment and related matters.
With more than 30 years of experience with metal constructions I try to make myself useful in maintenance, repair and new constructions.



I started my Air Force career as a spec. J65 engines and with the arrival of the F-104 G as spec J-79. Later I changed for aircraft maintenance working for 306 Sqn and as flight-chief CAV / Cross-servicing.

Reorganizations brought me a logistic staff job. This gave me insight in the totally different world of planned maintenance and logistics. After my F-16 course I worked at 311 sqn to gain experience.  A few years later I returned to the logistic staff as a floor manager.
Not long after this I became line-chief for 306 Sqn. The last years before retirement I worked 306 Recce and made several sidesteps to fill gaps where I  was needed.




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