Restoration is the process to bring an object to a former and better condition. In case of the Historical Fighters Volkel, it means to bring a supersonic fighter aircraft and related equipment or systems back to an – at least – working condition.

The restoration of Starfighter D-8114 is a complex process and includes dissassembling, cleaning, repair, painting, assembling and in some cases rebuilding and finally testing. Major guidelines for this are the applicable technical manuals for maintenance, overhaul and repair. Sometimes it is useful to start a try-out for a partial restoration on a smaller part of another aircraft, like the example below.

The master pre-check and refueling switch panel (behind access door 179) refurbished by cleaning, painting and installing new select switches and text decals.

Another example is a try-out on the lower AC circuitbreaker panel in the AC load center (behind access door 4).


Due to maintenance and weather influence, different parts on the inner and outer side of the aircraft will deteriorate in time.

Example 1:

The wire connection diagram for terminal board 6 on the underside of the upper instrument panel. A drawing was made for printing a new sticker with the same dimensions to interchange with the old one.

 Example 2: 

The markings on the wheel hydraulic brake linesfor the left and right main wheel.

Again a computer drawing was made for printing new stickers to interchange with the old markings on the main wheel brake lines.

 Will be continued…